Board Meetings – What to watch out for…

A board is responsible for the sustainable success of the organisation but in most companies the majority, if not all, of the board members have management responsibilities. The challenge is to do both well! Common issues are:

• A lack of strategic focus

• The board gets wrapped up in the minutiae

• Lack of board meeting structure – an ineffective chair

• Not using numbers – for results and for forecasting

• Backward looking not focused forward

• Too much time spent on next month rather than next year – Crisis Management or Fire Fighting

• Getting involved in day-to-day management of the company – this may be necessary, but not in board meetings

• Not having the necessary breadth of expertise – e.g. strategy, marketing, sales, finance, people

• Lack of drive or commitment – if your board meeting is boring you are doing something wrong!

• Bickering – a focus on personalities rather than the business

• Not holding board members and management to account – failure to deal with underperformance especially amongst the board!

• Group think – a lack of intellectual challenge means we stay in our comfort zones

If your board meetings or activities display 2 or more of the following you need to take action. Contact me for details of our BoardView offering


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