Building Web Traffic Through Mobile Search
For any brand that offers products and services online, mobile search is at least as important as the conventional desktop computer search. An increasing number of internet users are using smartphones to browse websites on the daily commute. If you don’t focus on this segment, you are ignoring a growing source of potential new business. How can a business capture a share of this potential market?

Simplify the process
Build a mobile version of your website for mobile and tablet users. Reduce the number of screens and input fields that consumers have to go through and optimise the routine for several purchases at a time. Stimulation of impulsive customers through calls to action (click-to-call, for instance) and temporary offers are techniques that work.

Local information is important
A high volume of smartphone owners browse for local information and many of these searches are for immediate needs, resulting in an action. For example, searching for train times then purchasing a train ticket.

People have become very impatient
If it takes more than a few seconds for a website to start loading most users will abandon it. Many searches are conducted during short breaks. Focus on optimising your website and mobile version to load quickly and efficiently.

More focus on mobiles and tablets
A mobile website is crucial for your brand, and it defines the way you present your products and services. Mobile search is a huge opportunity for a properly designed website. Users appreciate simplicity and clear design, so avoid anything which doesn’t display well on a tiny smartphone screen.

Potential customers need to find your mobile/website by keywords, which means SEO is a must. Ensure that your website is fully optimised, has a mobile version and contains all the necessary keywords. Adwords is not essential but will help your ranking initially.


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